Tyrolean Resistance Fighters Coins 2009

Tyrolean Resistance Fighters Coin 2009 - click on image to enlarge
Tyrolean Resistance Fighters Coin 2009 - click on image to enlarge

General Coin Information

The Tyrolean Resistance Fighters coin was released May 6, 2009 by the Austrian Mint to celebrate the bicentennial of the Tyrolean uprising against Napoleon and his Bavarian allies. It features the likeness of Andreas Hofer, leader of the rebellion and a hero and martyr to the people of Tyrol and Austria.

Andreas Hofer was an innkeeper in the Tyrolean region of Austria. Normal for people of the region, he was proud to be Austrian. When the region was transferred to Bavaria in 1805, Hofer and his fellow Tyroleans became defiant.

With a promise of support from the Emperor of Austria, Hofer began to organize a rebellion against Bavarian control. Skirmishes with the Bavarian and French forces ensued and the rebels had several successes. Victory was short-lived however, as Napoleon defeated Austrian troops and the rebels' support was withdrawn.

Not willing to give up, Hofer assumed command of the rebel forces which numbered approximately 20,000 and eventually won control of the area. He named himself Imperial Commandant of the Tyrol and ruled the area for two months.

Peace was short-lived as Tyrol was once again ceded to Bavaria on October 14, 1809. With a promise of amnesty, Hofer and his troops surrendered and returned to their homes.

A month later, Hofer tried again to overthrow the Bavarians but was unable to gather support. He retreated into the mountains and hid there. His location was betrayed for a reward and he was captured by authorities in January of 1810.

Taken to Italy for trial, he was found guilty and sentenced to death. On February 20, 1810, he was executed by firing squad. His remains were eventually returned to Tyrol and his status as a hero and martyr to the local community remains today.

To celebrate the bicentennial of the Tyrolean rebellion, the Austrian Mint released the Tyrolean Resistance Fighters coin. It will be available in circulated condition, a special uncirculated coin in a blisterpack, and in the 2009 Austrian Coin set.

Obverse Design

This nine sided coin, symbolic for the nine federal provinces of Austria features their coats-of arms encircling the denomination of 5 with the inscription "Republik Österreich" and "Euro".

Reverse Design

Beside an image of Andreas Hofer is an image of Giuseppina Negrelli, a woman who also fought in the rebellion. She is featured to acknowledge the part women played in the fight. The inscriptions "Tiroler Freiheit" (Tyrol Freedom) , "1809" and "2009" are also shown.

Tyrolean Resistance Fighters Coin Specifications

   Mint: Austrian Mint
   Mintmark: N/A
   Finish/Condition: Circulated
   Metal Content: at least 80% Silver
   Weight: 10 grams
   Diameter: 28.5mm
   Edge: Nine-sided, Plain
   Issue Date: 6 May 2009
   Issue Price: 5 Euro
   Mintage Limit: 250,000 Circulated
   Face Value: 5 Euro
   Obverse Designer: Helmut Andexlinger
   Reverse Designer: Thomas Pesendorfer

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