2009 First Spouse Coins

World Mint Coins is proud to announce that we have the information, images and specification you need for the 2009 First Spouse Gold Coins released by the US Mint. As of today, only the Anna Harrison coin has been released, but the Letitia Tyler coin will be available on June 4.

2009 First Spouse Coins

2009 Anna Harrison First Spouse Gold Coin
2009 Letitia Tyler First Spouse Gold Design
2009 Julia Tyler First Spouse Gold Design
2009 Sarah Polk First Spouse Gold Design
2009 Margaret Taylor First Spouse Gold Design

Spread out through the rest of the year will be Julia Tyler, Sarah Polk, and Margaret Taylor. These coins have a face value of $10, but of course their true value is in the one half ounce of gold they contain.

Accordingly, the Mint will adjust the price of these coins weekly based on the London spot gold prices. For a price guide based on the value of gold, take a look at this First Spouse coin pricing grid available from www.FirstSpouseCoins.us. Of note, the US Mint just recently raised the price of the gold coins by $25 to $616 for the uncirculated coin and $629 for the proof version.

All of the Spouse coins will be available in proof and uncirculated condition. The mint is also producing a bronze medal version in a larger diameter than the coins.

Check back for information on the Letitia Tyler coin as it will be available soon!

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