2010 Lincoln Presidential $1 Coin Released

2010 Abraham Lincoln Presidential $1 CoinOn a ceremony held at President Lincoln's Cottage on the grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, D.C. last week, the United States Mint officially launched the 2010 Abraham Lincoln Presidential $1 Coin.

Many believe the Lincoln Presidential Coin could be the most popular for collectors among all of the Presidential dollar strikes released to date. They attribute that belief to the fact that Lincoln is one of the most remembered former Presidents in the history of the United States.

His leadership during the American Civil War, the role it played in the Civil Rights of millions of Americans and his assassination within a few days of the end of the war all add to the aura surrounding his Presidency.  As such, the coins honoring him should be extremely collectible and sought after not only by numismatists, but by anyone with even a faint interest in the 16th President of the United States.

The launch of his coins was held at a place known as Lincoln's Cottage, found on the grounds of what is now known as the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, D.C. on November 19, 2010.  Lincoln spent much time at the cottage during his Presidency, even drafting his Emancipation Proclamation at the location.

United States Mint Director Ed Moy hosted the event which followed the typical format of US Mint release ceremonies.

"Connecting America through Coins, the United States Mint presents the long-awaited Presidential $1 Coin honoring Abraham Lincoln," said US Mint Director Ed Moy at the ceremony, "in the same month that Lincoln won election 150 years ago and became the 16th President of the United States."

Following the official function, children aged 18 and under, who attended received a free Abraham Lincoln Presidential $1 Coin just for being there.  Adults were offered the opportunity to exchange cash for rolls f the new strikes.

These coins were actually released into circulation by the United States Mint (through the Federal Reserve Banks) the day before, on November 18, 2010.  They mark the 16th coins released in the program, and the last of four due to be issued in 2010.

Coins in the series were and are to be released in the order upon which the individual served as the nation's chief executive.  The program debuted in 2007 and features four new coins per year until at least the year 2016 by which time all of the known former Presidents will have been honored (at least those who have not passed away - US Law prohibits honoring a live individual on a circulating coin of the United States).

To date, the following coins have been issued:

  • 2007 - George Washington Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2007 - John Adams Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2007 - Thomas Jefferson Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2007 - James Madison Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2008 - James Monroe Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2008 - John Quincy Adams Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2008 - Andrew Jackson Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2008 - Martin Van Buren Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2009 - William Henry Harrison Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2009 - John Tyler Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2009 - James K. Polk Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2009 - Zachary Taylor Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2010 - Millard Fillmore Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2010 - Franklin Pierce Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2010 - James Buchanan Presidential $1 Coin
  • 2010 - Abraham Lincoln Presidential $1 Coin

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