2010 One Ounce Proof Gold Eagle Sales March Toward Sell-Out

2010 American Gold Eagle2010 Proof American Gold Eagle sales continue to be strong according to the most recent figures available from the US Mint.

Initially released on October 7, 2010, the coins proved quite popular in their first few days of availability. That interest has waned some, but buyers are still snatching up the strikes at a steady pace.

The figures shown below are for approximately the first week and a half of the coins sales with an as-of date of Sunday, October 17, 2010.

11 Day Sales
Product Limit
Percent Sold
One Ounce Proof Gold Eagles
1/2 Ounce Proof Gold Eagles
1/4 Ounce Proof Gold Eagles
1/10 Ounce Proof Gold Eagles
4-Coin Proof Gold Eagle Set


The biggest news in the information above is the fact that the individual One Ounce Proof Gold Eagles are now getting quite close to a sell-out. Standing at 76.8% of their total allotted product limit, the coins may only be available for a few more days before the Mint declares them no longer available.

The strikes are still being sold on the Mint's website as of this writing, but a disclaimer note indicates that current purchases will not be shipped until November 8, 2010 indicating that their built-up inventory of the coins has been depleted and additional strikes are being produced to meet the demand.

Even if the individual ounce Eagles do sell out, the coins will still be available in the 4-Coin Set which includes the ounce coin along with the 1/2 ounce, the 1/4 ounce and the 1/10 ounce. Obviously, the price of the set has been keeping some collectors from purchasing it as less than 10,000 have been accounted for as of the figures available.

Currently, and since their release, the Mint has been charging $1,585.00 for each of the individual One Ounce Eagles, $806.00 for the 1/2 ounce Eagles, $415.50 for the 1/4 ounce Eagles, $180.50 for the 1/10 ounce Eagles and $2,938.00 for the 4-Coin Set. This price can be adjusted weekly by the Mint who uses a pricing matrix which ties the price of the precious metal products to the average of the London Spot for gold the previous week.

In fact, gold prices had been teetering at a level that would have dictated an increase for the first several days in which the coins were available. However, the precious metal has seen some declines as of late meaning the price will probably not be adjusted up this week either.

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