2010 Presidential Coin Images Now Available

The United States Mint has released high-resolution images of the four upcoming 2010 Presidential Coins. Previously, only line-art imagery was available.

The first coin to be released this year for the series is the Millard Fillmore Coin. It honors the 13th President of the United States who started off life in a poor family and worked his way up to be President.  In between he worked the family farm, apprenticed to a cloth maker, studied law under a county judge, practiced as an attorney and served many political posts.

Due to be released in May of 2010 is the fourteenth coin in the series honoring the former Presidents, the Franklin Pierce Coin. Pierce was a elected as a "doughface", which meant he was from the North, but had Southern sympathies.  At a time of rising tensions between the two forces, his apparent equality was a welcome sight to many.  Unfortunately, owing mostly to personal matters, Pierce was unable to govern with any true power.

The James Buchanan Coin honors the man who became the 15th President of the United States mostly because he was separated from it for several years before his election.  Serving on several diplomatic posts abroad, his isolation prevented him from articulating his feelings on the North/South conflict in any great amount.  Thus, he was nominated and eventually elected.  His position that the conflict would be solved by constitutional interpretation of the Supreme Court led to an almost ineffective government under his watch.

Closing out the 2010 Presidential series is the Abraham Lincoln Coin honoring not only the 16th President of the United States, but probably the best known of all former chief executives.  Like Millard Fillmore before him, Lincoln started life poor in a log cabin, but worked his way into law, both by practicing it, and then by making it in politics.  His solemn duty as President included over-seeing the conflict against the South during the American Civil War.  Upon its completion, he was assassinated by a southern sympathizer.

2010 marks the fourth year in which the Presidential series will be issued.  The program will continue at a rate of four per year until all eligible former Presidents have been honored.

Each coin also includes an image of the Statue of Liberty on their obverse.

For more information on a specific coin issued this year, click on its image above.

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