2012 Chaco Culture Silver Uncirculated Coin Released

2012 Chaco Culture Silver Uncirculated CoinThe United States Mint today, July 9, 2012, released the 2012 Chaco Culture Silver Uncirculated Coin. This coin is currently available for $204.95, plus the US Mint's standard shipping and handling charge of $4.95 per order.

Depicted on the reverse of the coin is a design emblematic of Chaco Culture National Historical Park. The historical park is located in the state of New Mexico.

The Chaco Culture Silver Uncirculated Coin is the second of five 2012-dated strikes to be released by the US Mint as part of its America the Beautiful Five Ounce Uncirculated Coin™ series. Coins of the series are each struck from five ounces of .999 fine silver to a diameter of three inches.

These are the same basic specifications used by the Mint for an associated series of bullion strikes which also showcase the same basic designs known as the America the Beautiful Bullion Coins. The bullion coins are struck by the US Mint for investors whereas these uncirculated coins are minted for numismatic purposes.

Both series of coins contain designs originally created for the Mint's America the Beautiful Quarters® Program. This includes reverse images emblematic of selected sites of national interest such as national parks, national forests, etc.  from around the United States and its territories.

Shown on the obverse of all America the Beautiful related coins is a portrait of George Washington, by John Flanagan. This portrait is surrounded by the inscriptions of "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "LIBERTY," "IN GOD WE TRUST," "P" and "QUARTER DOLLAR."

The reverse of this coin is emblematic of Chaco Culture National Historical Park. It is described by the US Mint with:

"The reverse... illustrates a view to the west of two elevated kivas that are part of the Chetro Ketl Complex.  The design also shows the north wall of Chetro Ketl and the north wall of the canyon.  Inscriptions are CHACO CULTURE, NEW MEXICO, 2012 and E PLURIBUS UNUM.  The reverse was designed by AIP Master Designer Donna Weaver and sculpted by United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver Phebe Hemphill."

America the Beautiful Silver Coins also contain an edge inscription indicating their weight and fineness. This inscription reads ".999 FINE SILVER 5.0 OUNCE."

These Chaco Culture Coins are the twelfth of the series. The program debuted with five 2010-dated strikes and feature five new releases annually. In 2012, the Chaco Culture Coin was preceded by one honoring El Yunque National Forest of Puerto Rico. It will be followed later in the year with ones honoring Acadia National Park of Maine, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park of Hawaii and Denali National Park of Alaska.

Orders for the Chaco Culture Silver Uncirculated Coins may be placed directly on United States Mint website at http://www.usmint.gov/catalog and by phone at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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