2012 US Coins

The United States Mint will issue many collectible coins throughout the year of 2012. Among those numismatic releases will likely be several very popular strikes like gold, silver and platinum coins of the American Eagle Programs. Also sure to gain the interest of many collectors will be the third year of releases for both the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program and the America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins. Both of these America the Beautiful series will see five new strikes released as part of them throughout 2012.

Other coins will also find their way into the collections of many. Links are offered below for more information on most of the coins scheduled to be issued by the US Mint during the year.

2012 America the Beautiful Silver Uncirculated Coins



2012 Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins

2012 Eagle Platinum Proof Coin


2012 Commemorative Coins


2012 America the Beautiful Quarters


2012 Presidential $1 Coins


2012 First Spouse Coins

Alice Paul First Spouse Gold Coin
Frances Cleveland (First Term) First Spouse Gold Coin
Caroline Harrison First Spouse Gold Coin
Frances Cleveland (Second Term) First Spouse Gold Coin


About United States Mint Coins

The United States Mint is primarily responsible for striking the circulating coinage of the country. These coins are used in everyday commerce such as retail transactions and are an important part of the monetary system of the country. Some of those coins, however, are destined to be of interest to collectors who take the coins out of circulation for their own personal collections.

At the same time, the US Mint also strikes coins solely with collectors in mind. Some of these coins are composed of precious metals giving then an inherent value while some are struck just from a clad composition. These numismatic releases are generally not issued into general circulation but find a value all of their own based on whether or not collectors are interested in the strikes.

Aside from the possible melt value of precious metal strikes, most of the coins also have numismatic value. This is what the coin is worth to collectors and generally increases based on the coin's condition and rarity.

While other facilities have struck US coinage in the past, there are only four currently in operation today. Typically, circulating and numismatic strikes will carry a mintmark showing which facility they were struck at with 'W' representing West Point, 'P' representing Philadelphia, 'D' representing Denver and 'S' representing San Francisco. Bullion coins will not carry any mintmark.

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