2013 Beaver Fine Gold and Silver Coins Approach Sell-Out

2013 Beaver Fine Gold and Silver Coins (Royal Canadian Mint images)

The Royal Canadian Mint indicates that two of its recently released numismatic products are fast approaching a sell-out. It is likely that both the 2013 Beaver 1/10 oz Fine Gold Coin and the 2013 Beaver 1/2 oz Fine Silver Coin will be sold out in short order.

Both strikes contain reverse designs emblematic of one of Canada's natural creatures, the beaver. Both are also offered as part of their respective O Canada gold and silver coin series.

The O Canada Gold Coin series actually made its debut with the release of the Beaver Coin. Future strikes of the program will focus on iconic Canadian animals. The related O Canada Silver Coin series is in its second release with the Silver Beaver Coin. Subsequent products of the program will celebrate the people, wildlife and scenery which makes Canada so unique.

2013 Beaver 1/10 oz Fine Gold Coin

2013 Beaver Fine Gold Coin (Royal Canadian Mint image)

A beaver is pictured on the reverse of the 2013 Beaver Gold Coin with a design described by the Royal Canadian Mint with:

"Your coin was designed by Canadian artist Pierre Leduc and features a detailed portrait of a beaver. Viewed in profile from its right side, the beaver's face fills the central field. The animal's distinctive small ears, eyes, and nose—all adapted for underwater living—rise above the water in which the beaver is partially immersed. The animal's mat of thick, well-groomed fur and whiskers are rendered in fine detail. Its clawed forepaws limberly clutch a small branch from a tree, which the beaver eagerly chews for sustenance."

Reverse inscriptions include CANADA, 2013, 5 DOLLARS and a stylized beaver paw print symbol.

According to the RCM, 85% of the mintage has already been sold. The mintage cap for the release was set at just 4,000. Current pricing of the release is listed at CAD $279.95.

2013 Beaver 1/2 oz Fine Silver Coin

2013 Beaver Fine Silver Coin (Royal Canadian Mint image)

Like its gold counterpart, the 2013 Beaver Silver Coin offers a reverse design of a beaver. Mint officials describe the design with:

"Your coin was designed by Canadian artist Pierre Leduc and features a portrait of a beaver felling a birch tree. The beaver, viewed from the front with its head turned toward the right side of the coin, rises from the hard work of chopping at the birch trunk with its prominent incisors."

Inscriptions found on the reverse include CANADA, 2013, 10 DOLLARS and the stylized beaver paw print symbol.

94% of the mintage of 40,000 have already been sold. The RCM lists the current price of remaining coins at CAD $39.95.

Ordering Details

Those wishing to order one of the Beaver gold or silver coins may do so directly from the Royal Canadian Mint. Orders are accepted via the website of www.mint.ca. Telephone orders are accepted by calling 1-800-267-1871 (Canada), 1-800-268-6468 (US) or (613) 954-2626 (International).

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