2013 Regent Bowerbird Silver Proof Coin Released in Birds of Australia Series

2013 Birds of Australia Regent Bowerbird Silver Proof CoinThe Perth Mint of Australia has released the third strike in its popular Birds of Australia series. Available now for ordering are the 2013 Regent Bowerbird 1/2 oz Silver Proof Coin.

Each of these strikes are composed of 1/2 ounce of 99.9% pure silver. Shown on the reverse of the coin is a colored image of a Regent Bowerbird.

Maximum mintage of the coin is listed by the Perth Mint as just 10,000 available worldwide. This is the same mintage seen for previous releases of the program.

Previous releases of the series included the Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo Silver Proof Coin and the Budgerigar Silver Proof Coin. Two more strikes are scheduled in the program with a coin depicting the Rainbow Lorikeet listed to appear next followed by one showcasing the  Splendid Fairy-wren.

As for this recent release, the reverse of the coin offers a colored image of Regent Bowerbirds. The male is shown hued in blacks in yellows with the female off in the distance appearing in its more muted brown tones. Reverse inscriptions surrounding the design include REGENT BOWERBIRD and the Perth Mint's historic 'P' mintmark. The reverse design is the work of Perth Mint artist Natasha Muhl.

The Perth Mint offers this description for the Bowerbird:

"When a male bowerbird is looking for a mate he is impelled to build a bower on the forest floor to impress her.At their most ingenious, bowers are sophisticated constructions that may take many months to build. Woven from twigs and leaves, they take shape as an ‘avenue’ – two parallel, vertical walls of twigs;  or a ‘maypole’, which varies in complexity from a single spire of sticks to elaborate roofed huts."

"But his building skills alone are not enough. Just as important to a female are the colourful adornments her prospective partner has arranged artistically throughout the bower site. To this end, bowerbirds are insatiable collectors of flowers, feathers, shells, stones, berries and even man-made shiny trinkets."

Offered on the obverse of the coin is the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. Surrounding her portrait are the inscriptions of ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA, 1/2 oz. 999 SILVER, 2013 and the legal tender face value of 50 CENTS.

Specifications of the coin include a diameter of 36.60 mm with a thickness of 2.30 mm. Minimum gross weight of each piece is 15.591 grams.

For more information, or to place an order for the 2013 Regent Bowerbird Silver Proof Coin, please follow the Perth Mint affiliate link below:


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