2013 Wolf Gold and Silver Coins Expand Royal Canadian Mint’s O Canada Program

2013 Wolf Gold and Silver CoinsThe Royal Canadian Mint expands its popular O Canada coin series with three new releases all featuring the likenesses of one of the country's most iconic creatures. Available now for purchase are the 2013 Wolf 1/10 oz Gold Coin, the 2013 Wolf 1 oz Silver Coin and the 2013 Wolf 1/2 oz Silver Coin.

These three strikes are each available in extremely limited mintages while supplies last. Orders may be placed directly with the Royal Canadian Mint.

"Celebrate the power and mystique of one of Canada's most fascinating native species, the wolf," describes a Royal Canadian Mint statement. "Choose from three different Wolf designs, which are part of three new O Canada coin series, featuring iconic images of Canada which unite all Canadians through national pride and love for our home."

The Royal Canadian Mint has featured the wolf on many other coins throughout its history. Most recently, a $20 for $20 Wolf Silver Coin was introduced.

Shown on the reverse of the three new coins are different images of the carnivorous creature. All three designs are the work of artist Pierre Leduc.

On the reverse of the gold coin, a head shot of a single wolf is offered with a lake and forest in the background. "CANADA," "2013," "5 DOLLARS" and a stylized wolf paw-print are inscribed around the design.

The one ounce silver wolf coin shows a full-body likeness of a wolf mother and her two pups. They are standing amidst a forest scene. Inscriptions include “CANADA,”  “2013,” “25 DOLLARS” and the  stylized wolf paw-print.

For the reverse of the 1/2 ounce silver wolf coin, a single adult wolf is depicted. The background of this design offers the Canadian arctic landscape. Inscribed around the image are "CANADA," "2013," "10 DOLLARS," and a wolf paw-print.

Specifications of the strikes are as follows:

2013 Wolf O Canada Coin Specifications

1 oz Gold Coin 1 oz Silver Coin 1/2 oz Silver Coin
Mintage 4,000 8,500 40,000
Composition 99.99% Gold 99.99% Silver 99.99% Silver
Finish Proof Proof Proof
Weight (g) 3.13 31.39 15.87
Diameter (mm) 16 38 34
Edge Serrated Serrated Serrated
Face Value (CAD) 5 Dollars 25 Dollars 10 Dollars
Reverse Designer Pierre Leduc Pierre Leduc Pierre Leduc


Orders for the 2013 Wolf O Canada Gold and Silver Coins may be placed directly with the Royal Canadian Mint. Pricing is listed as $279.95 for the gold coin, $89.95 for the one ounce silver coin and $39.95 for the 1/2 ounce silver coin, but is subject to change.

As shown in the chart above, mintages are extremely limited. To order, go to the Mint's website at www.mint.ca or call 1-800-267-1871 (Canada), 1-800-268-6468 (US) or (613) 954-2626 (International).

One thought on “2013 Wolf Gold and Silver Coins Expand Royal Canadian Mint’s O Canada Program”

  1. This coins series are very nice and beautifull. I am sure that there are many coin collectors who want to get this series. Now, so many gold and silver series that takes pictures of animals. A lot of people want this coin because the detail is as well as the meticulous design that is fairly unique. In addition, the value of these coins can be equated with the value of a dollar. This is one form of savings because you do not need to bring a lot of money, is not it?

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