2014 Bald Eagle 5-Coin Subscription Available from Royal Canadian Mint

2014 Bald Eagle 5-Coin SubscriptionThe Royal Canadian Mint has an extremely limited mintage available for the 2014 Bald Eagle 5-Coin Subscription. No more than 3,000 of the subscriptions will be sold with each entitling the purchaser to five unique precious metal coins depicting reverse designs of the Bald Eagle.

Included coins are struck from gold, silver and platinum.  The subscription program is offered on a pay-as-you go basis with coins shipped as they are charged to the customer.

Included issues in the 2014 Bald Eagle 5-Coin Subscription are:

  • 1 oz. Fine Silver Gold-Plated Coin - Perched Bald Eagle
  • 1 oz. Fine Silver Coin - Soaring Bald Eagle
  • 1 oz. Fine Silver Coin - Bald Eagle With Fish
  • 1/10 oz. Pure Gold Coin - Bald Eagle
  • 1/10 oz. Fine Platinum Coin - Bald Eagle

Each coin is encapsulated and ships in a Royal Canadian Mint display case.

"A day in the life of the Bald Eagle is filled with activity from dusk until dawn and beyond," describes the Royal Canadian Mint on the subscription page for the Bald Eagle Coins. "From the moment it awakens, the eagle is at work—tending to its nest, soaring high, hunting, feeding its young, and taking pause to eat and rest."

Subscription purchasers will be charged CAD $304.85 the first month for the three fine silver eagle coins.  The Eagle Gold Coin will ship the following month for CAD $279.95. Finally, the Eagle Platinum Coin will ship the third month for CAD $299.95.

Each coin is backed by the Royal Canadian Mint’s 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee and the subscription can be cancelled at any time.

For additional information, see the Royal Canadian Mint's website page via the link below:

Bald Eagle 5-Coin Subscription

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