American Samoa Quarter Release Ceremony To Be Finally Held

Over a month after the US Mint officially released the American Samoa Quarter, which is part of the 2009 D.C. & U.S. Territories Quarter Program, they are finally going to hold a release ceremony. Sales of the quarters in bags and rolls started on July 27th, but a ceremony was not held.

This is because Governor Togiola T.A. Tulafono would have been unable to attend at the end of July since he was not on the islands. Instead, he was en route to Washington D.C. on other urgent matters.

American Samoa Quarter

Still wanting a public presentation, the Mint is going to hold a release ceremony on September 3, 2009 in Pago Pago. In attendance will be United States Mint Deputy Director Andy Brunhart as well as Governor Tulafono.

A quarter exchange will be held following the ceremony, and all those in attendance under the age of 18 will receive a free quarter.

A coin collectors forum is schedule for the evening before the ceremony also to be hosted by Brunhart in which the public is invited to submit their ideas for future coinage.

The American Samoa Quarter has an ava bowl, whisk, staff and a coconut tree on its reverse. Mintage appears to be extremely light, making these coins more collectible.

For more information on the American Samoa Quarter, click on the image above.

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