American Samoa Quarters Sets Available Soon

Beginning July 27, 2009, those interested in the the new American Samoa Quarter will be able to order specially packaged coins from the US Mint. These American Samoa Quarters are part of the 2009 D.C. & US Territories Quarters series released throughout this year.

American Samoa Quarter

The Mint will be offering the quarters in three options; A 1,000 coin canvas bag for $309.95, a 100 coin bag for $32.95, or a two-roll set also for $32.95. The standard Mint shipping charge of $4.95 applies, however the 1,000 coin bag has an additional surcharge of $7.95 per unit due to its weight and size.

The two-roll set features two rolls of 40 coins each wrapped in special packaging with the mint mark of origin. As these are circulated coins, they are either struck in Philadelphia or Denver.

The American Samoa quarter is the fourth design available this year as part of the D.C & US Territories set. It was preceded by the DC Quarter, Puerto Rico Quarter and the Guam Quarter. Still to come later this year are the U.S Virgin Islands Quarter and the Northern Mariana Islands Quarter. All of them, as well as the other 2009 coins available from the US Mint can be found by going to the 2009 US Coins page.

For more design information and other specifications for the American Samoa Quarter, click on the coin image above.

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