Australian Map-Shaped Kookaburra 2012 1oz Silver Coin Approaching Sell-Out

Australian Map-Shaped Kookaburra 2012 1 oz Silver CoinAccording to a post on the Perth Mint of Australia's Blog, the recently released Australian Map-Shaped Kookaburra 2012 1oz Silver Coin is fast approaching a sell-out. The Blog indicates a "rapid rate at which collectors have snapped up (the) retail allocation of Australian Map Shaped Kookaburra coins."

Not that there was exactly a large amount of the coins available to begin with - the Perth indicates a maximum mintage for the strike of just 6,000. Likely owing to that extremely limited mintage and the unique design of the coins, collectors ordered enough of them directly from the Perth that the product page now displays "unavailable."

This forces those still interested in obtaining the coin to look elsewhere such as one of the authorized distributors of Perth Mint products. Once those are gone, only the secondary market will remain as a viable option for purchases of the strike.

As indicated by the name, each Australian Map-Shaped Kookaburra 2012 1oz Silver Coin is struck in the shape of the Australian continent. This coin marks the first for a new series from the Perth with future strikes continuing to portray native Australian animals. A coin featuring an emu is due later this year.

Each is struck from one ounce of 99.9% pure silver. Shown on the reverse of the coin is an image of a kookaburra. Behind the bird, a colorized depiction of the Australian bush may be seen.

These coins are struck as legal tender of Australia and feature a legal tender face value of AUS $1. The obverse of the coin contains the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

In the aforementioned blog, the Perth Mint gave a nice history of Australian map-shaped coins:

"The first-ever Australian map shaped silver coins were issued in 2002 to mark the bicentenary of Matthew Flinders’ circumnavigation of Terra Australis. Issued as legal tender of Uganda, the four-coin set included colour designs celebrating Flinders’ ship, HMS Investigator, and his historic meeting with French explorer Nicolas Baudin at Encounter Bay in April 1802."

"The following year saw the release of a Tuvalu four-coin set, this time in honour of Australian pioneers of aviation including Charles Kingsford Smith, Charles Ulm, Bert Hinkler and Rev John Flynn’s Royal Flying Doctor Service."

"A revived version of the map-shaped coin concept made by The Perth Mint in 2010 was a surprise success that pointed to further potential interest among collectors. Designed as a ‘display’ piece for the Shanghai World Expo, the majority of the 30,000 Australian legal tender coins were sold in China under an exclusive distribution agreement."

Additional information on the newest release may be found on the original World Mint Coin's Australian Map-Shaped Kookaburra Coin page or via the World Mint Coin's Perth Mint affiliate link Australian Map-Shaped Kookaburra Silver Coin.

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