Austrian Mint 2010 Release Schedule Available

The Austrian Mint has issued their release schedule for 2010 and it looks to be full of some very nice coins. The Mint also plans a couple of sets.

The first releases for the year celebrates the Winter Olympic Games that will be held in Vancouver, Canada. There are two coins scheduled with one of those highlighting the sport of snow boarding and the other ski-jump. Both coins are to be struck from 80% silver with a face value of 5 Euros. They will be available in both uncirculated and special uncirculated versions.

Next up is a continuation of the successful 'Celebrated Physicians of Austria' series. The 2010 coin will feature Karl Landsteiner who helped to identify the method of blood typing still in use today. His coin is made from 98.6% gold with a face value of 50 Euro. It will only be available in proof with a maximum of 50,000 struck.

Silver and niobium are used in the March release from the Austrian Mint. They have been very successful with their bimetal coins in the past and this one should be no exception. The theme for this coin is to be 'Renewable Energy' and will have a 25 Euro face value.

'Tales and Legends in Austria' will be continued with two coins in 2010. This series started in 2009 and is proving to be a favorite among collectors. In April, a 'Erzberg in Styria' will be released with a 'Charlemagne in the Untersberg' coming out in October. Both coins are struck from 92.5% silver and have versions in uncirculated, special uncirculated and proof.

A new series will be launched in May, with a follow-up in September, called 'Rome on the Danube.' According to the Mint, it is to feature towns that were founded along the famous Danube River during the height of the Roman Empire. 'Virunum' is slated to be released first with 'Vindobona' following four months later. The 20 Euro coins will be struck from 90% silver with each limited to 50,000 proof coins.

June and October will see the release of the two sets for the year. Both contain the eight circulating coins produced by the Austrian Mint with the special uncirculated set released first and the proof set coming in October. Each set contains coins ranging from 1 cent to 2 Euro.

Also released in June will be a commemorative coin honoring '75 years of the Grossglockner Alpine Road.' This road is filled with beautiful scenery worthy of a coin in its honor. It is created from 80% silver with a face value of 5 Euro.

Closing out the year will be the 'Crowns of the House of Habsburg' series in November. The 2010 coin features 'The Hungarian Crown of St. Stephen' and will be struck from 16 grams of 98.6% pure gold. With a face value of 100 Euro, it will be struck to a maximum mintage of only 30,000.

As you can see, the Austrian Mint will be issuing a beautiful collection of coins in 2010. Of course, we have come to expect nothing less from them. World Mint Coins will feature more details on each coin and set as they become available.

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