Austrian Mint’s Astronomy Coin

If you are looking for an interesting coin to add to your collection, you may want to consider the Austrian Mint's Astronomy Coin. This unique coin, available from the Austrian Mint, is part of an international celebration of astronomy, meant to coincide with the 400 year anniversary of the making of Galileo's telescope. World Mint Coins has the specifications and images you need for this colorful piece.

Austrian Year of Astronomy 25 Euro Coin

What makes this coin truly unique is that it is composed of an outer ring of silver and an inner pill of Niobium. Niobium's unique properties allow it to be colored easily, and for the astronomy coin they chose yellow.

The reverse of this coin features a portrait of Galileo, an image of his telescope, as well as a drawing of the surface of the moon, based on one that Galileo himself drew.

The obverse shows the dark side of the moon, with images of the earth, a satellite and the sun.

Austrian Mint's Astronomy Coin has a face value of 25 Euro, and is available now. Click on the coin image above for more information.

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