Austrian Mint’s Basilisk Coin

The first coin in the new series entitled "Tales and Legends in Austria" features a creature not heard of by many, with the possible exception of Harry Potter fans. The Austrian Mint's Basilisk Coin was released earlier this year.

Austrian Basilisk of Vienna Coin


Citizens of Vienna are familiar enough with the legend of a basilisk that terrorized their city back in the year 1212. It is said that a terrible smell was coming from a well by a bakery. The fumes were so overpowering, that those who inhaled it died.

Supposedly, an expert decided it was a basilisk, and the only way to kill the beast was to send someone down in the well with a mirror, forcing the basilisk to see his own image. As you can imagine, volunteers were not easy to find.

The reverse of the coin showcases the encounter between the brave volunteer and the basilisk. For more of the story and details of this limited edition coin, click on the image of the coin above. We have all the details available here at World Mint Coins.

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