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Silver Coins Today Overtakes Year One

Silver Coins TodayOn October 17th, 2008, offered its first online article describing the addition of a silver coin melt calculator.

From that simple announcement one year ago, Silver Coins Today has grown to become CoinNews Media Group's fourth largest website, attracting more than 21,000 unique visitors a month.

While the various country coin melt calculators are always prominently listed on the home page, what attracts collectors to the site are timely articles featuring some of the most unique silver coins from worldwide mints, like the recent Richard the Lionheart coin from Austria or the 60th anniversary coins from China. Continue reading

America the Beautiful Quarter Site Introduced

America the Beautiful Quarters SiteWith interest already gaining momentum for the new series of quarter dollars scheduled to begin next year, CoinNews Media Group LLC is pleased to be able to offer a resource that all will find illuminating, the Web site.

From the most seasoned numismatist to the newest entrant to the hobby, America the Beautiful Quarter is a one-stop informational site teeming with all of the designs, release dates, specifications and news relating to the America the Beautiful Quarters Program from the United States Mint.

The quarter-dollars launch in 2010 and run for 11 years encompassing a total of 56 newly designed quarters. Five times a year a new coin will be issued to feature a different national park or national site -- one from each state, territory and the District of Columbia. Continue reading