Barbie 50th Anniversary 1oz Silver Coin

Available now from the Perth Mint, is a coin remembering 50 years in the life of a doll. No, not a beautiful woman, but a true kid's doll. The 50th Anniversary of Barbie™ 1oz Silver Proof Coin celebrates 50 years since the creation of the toy from Mattel first made little girls smile.

50th Anniversary of Barbie 1oz Silver Proof Coin

This colorful 1 oz silver proof coin showcases the official 50th Barbie Anniversary logo with classic images of the womanly shaped doll. These curves proved quite a change from the dolls normal of 50 years ago. Most dolls of the age were made in the shape of babies.

Creator Ruth Handler felt that a doll that looked more like a woman would spark the interest and imagination of young girls. With the help of these curvy toys, she felt the kids could better play-act with the dolls in more grown-up positions, like those of doctors and lawyers.

Whatever the initial reason, millions of the dolls have been sold over the years. This beautiful coin would make a great gift for the young girl who already has a love affair with the Barbie line. Containing 1oz of .999 pure silver, they would also make a great addition to any coin collector's collection.

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