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First Ever Chinese Lunar Coins Appear From Royal Mint

Lunar Year of the Horse 2014 UK One Ounce Gold Proof Coin (Royal Mint image)A new series of coins is now available from the UK Royal Mint ( celebrating the Year of the Horse. These new strikes feature the same basic reverse image and appear in a variety of options ranging from a one ounce gold proof coin to a one ounce silver bullion coin.

In addition, these new coins also mark a first for the Royal Mint. This series breaks new ground as the first-ever United Kingdom legal tender Lunar coins. Continue reading

Henry VIII British Gold Proof Coin

Henry VIII – Star of Movies, Recordings, Television – and Now Coins

Henry VIII has found his way into popular culture – as a 1933 motion picture ("The Private Life of Henry VIII") starring Charles Laughton, the number one record by Herman's Hermits in 1965  ("I'm Henry VIII, I Am"), and recently as a popular series on cable television-about Henry VIII's reign that they describe as "hallmarked by political and religious upheaval, violence and corruption."

Henry VIII British Gold Proof Coin

The British mint issued Henry VIII coins during his 38-year reign, and now the Royal Mint has struck coins for Great Britain commemorating the 500th anniversary of his accession to the throne at the age of 17.

The design on the proof gold and brilliant uncirculated copper-nickel coins shows Henry VIII standing before a frieze of roses in the "antique" style favored in the carvings and tapestries of the period. On the edge is a Latin inscription, Rosa Sine Spina (Rose Without a Thorn), which was also used on Henry VIII's own coinage. Additional details include the initials HR (Henry Rex) which represents his personal monogram and a rope border surrounding the coin's design which symbolizes the Royal Navy. Continue reading