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2009 Australian Koala, Kookaburra and Kangaroo Bullion Coins

New to World Mint Coins are three gorgeous, world-famous bullion coins from Australia - the silver Koala, silver Kookaburra, and gold Kangaroo.

Australian Koala Silver Coin
Australian Kookaburra Silver Coin
Australian Kangaroo Gold Bullion Coin


These coins from the Perth Mint of Australia feature annually changing designs, making the coins not only popular with investors but coin collectors as well.

The 2009 Australian Koala Silver Coin marks the third issue of this popular series. The coins are struck in four sizes - 1 kilo, 10 oz, 1 oz, and 1/2 oz, with the 1 kilo size bearing a slightly different design. The koala, native to Australia, is practically an icon synonymous with the country. Continue reading

Cute Koala Coin Added

As part of our growing collection of coin information available for you, World Mint Coins has added a new section of Australian Coins. Here we will feature beautiful coins produced by the premier facilities from down under like the Perth Mint and the Royal Australian Mint.

Australian Koala 2009 Gilded Edition 1oz Silver Coin

One such prized example of their work is the 1 oz Gilded Koala Silver Coin available from the Perth Mint. These koalas mark the third year in the silver koala series, but only the second year they have offered a gilded version.

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Austrian Mint’s Basilisk Coin

The first coin in the new series entitled "Tales and Legends in Austria" features a creature not heard of by many, with the possible exception of Harry Potter fans. The Austrian Mint's Basilisk Coin was released earlier this year.

Austrian Basilisk of Vienna Coin


Citizens of Vienna are familiar enough with the legend of a basilisk that terrorized their city back in the year 1212. It is said that a terrible smell was coming from a well by a bakery. The fumes were so overpowering, that those who inhaled it died.

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Louis Braille Commemorative Coins

New to World Mint Coins is the addition of commemorative Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar Coin information, images and coin specifications.

Proof Braille Silver Dollar
Uncirculated Braille Silver Dollar


Struck by the United States Mint in proof and uncirculated options, these coins celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis Braille, the inventor of the system of reading and writing for the blind.

The US Mint first released the Braille designs and a prototype in July 2008 during the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) annual convention in Dallas, Texas. Continue reading