Coin Melt Values Retreat, US Silver Sets Priced Lower

US Silver Sets

With falling silver prices and resulting coin melt values, the United States Mint last Wednesday brought down pricing on four of its annual silver sets to better match the changes.

Three of the silver sets are 2013 products with the other released last year. The sets, their old prices, new prices and the net dollar change are:

Silver Sets Reduced in Price Old Price New Price Net Change
2013 Silver Proof Set $67.95 $60.95 -$7
2012 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set $41.95 $36.95 -$5
2013 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set $41.95 $36.95 -$5
2013 Congratulations Set $64.95 $59.95 -$5


The 2013 Silver Proof Set has 14 coins with 7 in standard clad like circulating coins and 7 in 90% silver for a silver content of 1.34 troy ounces. Its release date was May 2. Coin collectors have ordered 214,477 of them, making it the most sought of the four.

Bother quarter sets have five quarters from their respective year that are minted from 90% silver for a content of 0.904 troy ounces of silver. The set from 2012 has been available since January 10, 2012 with orders totaling 150,299. This year's set launched on January 8 with its sales total at 98,093.

Finally, the Congratulations Set has a 99.9% pure Silver Eagle for a content total of 1 troy ounce. Its sales are 2,417 since its release on April 30.

In coin melt values when silver is at $22.38 an ounce as it was on Friday:

  • Quarters Silver Sets have melt values of $20.24
  • 2013 Silver Proof Sets have melt values of $29.95
  • 2013 Congratulations Sets have melt values of $22.8

Find these products through the United States Mint website at

For related values, check this melt values site and this site's calculator melt page.

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