Cute Koala Coin Added

As part of our growing collection of coin information available for you, World Mint Coins has added a new section of Australian Coins. Here we will feature beautiful coins produced by the premier facilities from down under like the Perth Mint and the Royal Australian Mint.

Australian Koala 2009 Gilded Edition 1oz Silver Coin

One such prized example of their work is the 1 oz Gilded Koala Silver Coin available from the Perth Mint. These koalas mark the third year in the silver koala series, but only the second year they have offered a gilded version.

Not the cuddly creature you imagine them to be, koalas are still iconic of Australia and most of us have a fascination with them. If you are unable to take a trip to Australia to build some koala memories, perhaps a gilded koala coin will do!

These coins are sure to be as popular as they have been in previous years. Click on the coin image above for more specifications.

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