D.C. & US Territories Quarters

World Mint Coins has recently updated its pages on the 2009 D.C. & US Territories Quarters program. These coins are a continuation of the successful State Quarter program that ended in 2008 from the US Mint.

2009 D.C. & US Territories Quarters

District of Columbia Quarter

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Quarter
Guam Quarter
American Samoa Quarter

U.S. Virgin Islands Quarter
Northern Mariana Islands

The D.C. and Puerto Rico quarter have already been released this year, and the Guam Quarter is set to come out on May 26. The American Samoa, US Virgin Islands and Northern Marian Islands quarters will follow later on this year.

The image of George Washington we previously saw on the State Quarter will remain on the obverse of these coins while the reverse will contain a design selected in cooperation with the governing authority of the territory it represents.

The circulated version of the quarters will be minted in quantities to meet demand, and uncirculated and proof versions will also be available.

This series will be followed in 2010 by the new Beautiful National Parks Quarter set. Look for more information on those later this year right here at World Mint Coins.

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