Discover Australia 2012 Silver Five-Coin Set (Perth Mint images)

Discover Australia 2012 Silver Five-Coin Set Released By Perth

Discover Australia 2012 Silver Five-Coin Set (Perth Mint images)

The Discover Australia 2012 Silver Five-Coin Set has been released by the Perth Mint of Australia. Showcased on the reverse of the strikes are five unique colorized designs depicting both the picturesque landscape of the country and some of the unique creatures that can be found there.

Included among the creatures featured in the set are the Green & Gold Bell Frog, the Red Kangaroo, the Kookaburra, the Goanna and the Whale Shark. The Perth Mint is issuing these 99.9% pure silver coins individually and as part of the five-coin set.

Each of the five Discover Australia 2012 coins is struck from one ounce of .999 fine silver to proof quality and are considered legal tender of the country of Australia under the Australian Currency Act of 1965 with a face value AUS $1. According to the Perth, no more than 7,500 of each coin will be issued including those sold as part of the five coin set.

The Perth is currently selling the Discover Australia 2012 Silver Five-Coin Set for AUS $486.36. Individual strikes may be obtained for AUS $97.27. Both the single coins and the five-coin set are sold with a presentation case complete with a timber lid and illustrated shipper. In addition, a numbered certificate of authenticity will also be included with each order.

Brief descriptions about the reverse design of each coin is offered below:

The Green and Gold Bell Frog Silver Coin depicts the frog resting on a tree branch. Behind the creature, the Three Sisters rock formations located in the Blue Mountains can be seen.

Shown in a standing pose, the Red Kangaroo Silver Coin contains perhaps Australia's most iconic creature. The kangaroo is set against the colored background of the central Australian outback complete with a windmill.

The Kookaburra Silver Coin has the bird perched on a tree branch. The scene is set against a colored image of the Murray River at sunrise.

Perhaps not as well known, but just as interesting, the goanna is featured on the Goanna Silver Coin. The creature is shown resting on a rock with the rocky Kimberley landscape and a Boab tree behind it.

Offered as the only aquatic coin of the five-coin set is the Whale Shark Silver Coin. It shows the shark swimming through the colorful Ningaloo Reef.

The Discover Australia Five-Coin Set or one of the individual coins may be purchased directly from the Perth Mint via the following affiliate link:


Discover Australia 2012 Coins and Five-Coin Set

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