Hot Springs America the Beautiful Quarter Dollar Rolls & Bags Available April 19

The United States Mint has announced that the first offering in the America the Beautiful Quarters Program will be available for purchase beginning next month.

The Hot Springs National Park Quarter will be sold in rolls and bags by the Mint beginning at Noon Eastern on April 19, 2010. That date also marks the first day the quarter dollars will be allowed into circulation through the Federal Reserve System and your local bank.

These strikes have the distinction of being the first of 56 quarter dollars that will be issued during the 11-year America the Beautiful program which honors sites of national interest throughout the nation.  Included in the selected sites are many national parks, forests, memorials, etc. with one site chosen from each state, the District of Columbia and the five United States territories.The program will be run in a similar fashion to the previous 50-state quarter series and its follow-up, the D.C. & US Territories program with 5 quarters issued annually until the list is exhausted.  The chosen sites will appear in the order upon which the site came under the control of the federal government.

Final designs for the Hot Springs Quarter (as well as the other four remaining 2010 quarters including the Yellowstone National Park Quarter, the Yosemite National Park Quarter, the Grand Canyon National Park Quarter and the Mount Hood National Forest Quarter) are not yet known, but they are being unveiled to the public this Wednesday, March 24, 2010 during a ceremony held by the Mint in Washington, D.C.

For those that are wondering what the cost of the bags and rolls of the Hot Springs Quarters will be, the Mint has also released that information. The two-roll set, which includes one roll struck at the Mint's facility in Denver and one struck at the Mint's facility in Philadelphia (each containing 40 strikes) will sell for $32.95. 100-coin bags of the Hot Springs coins will sell for $35.95 and be the buyer's choice of Denver or Philadelphia strikes.

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