Letitia Tyler Gold Coin Now Available

Released in Early July 2009 by the US Mint was the 10th coin in the First Spouse series. The Letitia Tyler First Spouse Gold coin is struck from 1/2 oz. of 24 carat gold.

2009 Letitia Tyler First Spouse Gold Design

Letitia was the first wife of John Tyler who unexpectedly assumed the Presidency of the United States after William Henry Harrison died in office. Being thrust unexpectedly into the White House did not prevent Letitia from getting household affairs in order.

Having suffered a stroke a few years earlier, Letitia limited her duties to non-ceremonial functions. This behind the scenes activity was something she was accustomed to, as she routinely avoided the limelight of the political circles for years before.

Letitia's reign as First Lady would last less than two years. She succumbed to a second stroke and passed away in September of 1842.

For more information on Letitia and the gold coin honoring her, click on the coin image above.

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