Medical Pioneer Billroth Gold Coin

Unknown to most, even in his own country of Austria, Theodor Billroth's contributions to the field of medicine has saved many lives, perhaps even your own. In celebration of his works the Austrian Mint has issued the Billroth Gold Coin as part of their "Celebrated Physicians of Austria" series.

Austrian Theodor Billroth 50 Euro Gold Coin

Best remembered for his surgical knowledge, Billroth was also a fine musician and supporter of the Vienna musical society. His friendship with famed composer Johannes Brahms undoubtedly helped to foster some of Brahms' greatest works.

Billroth pioneered several surgical procedures, but his greatest advancement of medical procedures probably lies in his concern for the way bacteria affected his patients. Certain the bacteria created infections and fever, Billroth promoted the use of antiseptics. This one legacy cemented his position in the medical history books.

The use of antiseptics has literally saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of lives the world over.

To get more details on the coin celebrating Billroth, click on the coin image above!

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