Native American 25-Coin Rolls Available

2010 Native American $1 CoinFor those interested in the 2010 Native American $1 Coins, but not in the 250-coin boxes released earlier this month, a new option is now available from the United States Mint. Just released on Friday, January 22 with initial ship dates of Tuesday, January 26, the Mint has 25-coin rolls available for purchase.

Wrapped in special yellow and black paper, each roll indicates the year of minting (2010), the contents (Native American $1), the face value of all of the contents ($25) and the Mint facility that struck them (P for Philadelphia or D for Denver).  Each roll contains 25 circulation quality strikes of the 2010 Native American design, but of course as they come directly from the Mint, they have never been in circulation making them ideal for collectors.

The rolls sell for $35.95 a piece with the purchaser having the chose of either coins struck at Philadelphia or Denver.  The Mint also charges their standard shipping of $4.95 per order.

These coins mark the second year in which a new design appears on the reverse.  The series first appeared in 2000 as the Sacagawea dollar, named after the famous Native American heroine who accompanied explorers Lewis and Clark on their expedition across the American wilderness.  Her portrait is still featured on the obverse, but the reverse shows a Hiawatha Belt enclosing a bundle of arrows.  The design commemorates the Iroquois Confederacy, a political and diplomatic association of several Native American tribes that appeared centuries ago in the New York area.

These rolls are only the fourth new offering from the Mint so far this year.  As mentioned earlier, the Mint began selling 250-coin boxes of these Native American coins along with 250-coin boxes of the Sacagawea coins from 2001.  Then, on January 12th, the Mint had the 2009 Northern Mariana Islands Official First Day Coin Covers available.

For more information on the 2010 Native American coins themselves, click on the image above.

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