New Joseph Haydn Coin Available

In a celebration aimed at 200 years since his death, the Austrian Mint has released the Joseph Haydn Silver coin.With a face value of 5 Euro, this coin will be available in circulated and uncirculated versions.

Austrian Joseph Haydn 5 Euro Silver Coin


Joseph Haydn was (and still is today) known the world-over for his compositions. Rising up through adversity, he always sought to improve his knowledge of the music he so loved.

His professional life in music began as a child when he sang in a choir. Times were hard, and he would take every opportunity he could to sing at parties for the rich. Usually, there would be food for the entertainers.

Slowly, owing mostly to his ambition, Haydn's career would flourish. Once his voice changed, he turned his sights on composition. From his performing in the street, word of his works would reach the aristocrats of the time. Eventually he was hired to compose for a rich family, which led to opportunities to compose for the world.

World Mint Coins has all the information you need on this unique coin.

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