Optimus Prime Transformers Coin Available Again

Guess what? The Perth Mint has once again made the Transformers Optimus Prime 1oz Silver Proof Coin available for order online. The 99.9% pure silver coin was originally released July 14th, but was pulled from online ordering availability within a few days.

Transformers - Optimus Prime 1oz Silver Proof Coin

The Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen movie was still in theaters going strong at that time. The movie took in an estimated $108 million dollars domestically in its opening weekend and would stay in the rankings for several weeks. It has since taken in over $800 million worldwide and is ranked number 19 for worldwide gross totals for all movies ever produced.

So why then did the Perth pull the coin when the movie was doing so well, and when people where definitely in the market for Transformers merchandise? Perhaps they were getting too many bogus orders.

Whatever the cause, it is nice to see they are once again available. Sure, you could have ordered them all along by placing a phone call, but who likes to do that anymore.

The Megatron coin was also pulled initially from online ordering, but it was changed back the middle of last month. Evidently the Perth was satisfied with the order quality they received from it and decided to open ordering for Optimus as well.

Both coins are available now for AUS $88.64. They would still make great holiday gifts for that movie loving teenager, or that discerning collector. Click on the coin image above for more information, and to get a chance to see the detail of the coin in higher resolution. You will be surprised at the quality!

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