Perth Mint Unveils 2014 Bullion Coin Program Designs

The Perth Mint of Australia has the unveiled the designs for the upcoming 2014 Australian Bullion Coin Programs. Strikes from these highly sought after programs will become available in intervals over the next five months.



These new designs encompass the Perth Mint's complete bullion coin programs which feature designs showcasing five different iconic Australian creatures as well the 2014 releases of the Perth Mint's Australian Lunar series.

"Australia’s bullion coins attract interest from individual to institutional investors across Australasia, China, Japan, Europe and North America," commented Perth Mint Sales and Marketing Director Ron Currie. "By enhancing the quality of our bullion coins with annual design changes and select mintages, we’re confident that our world market share will continue to grow at a steady pace."

First of the new designs to be issued will be the 2014 Australian Kookaburra Coins. Strikes of this series first appeared in 1990 with the newest versions slated to debut in September.

That same month, the Perth Mint will release the 2014 Australian Lunar Bullion Coins. These coins will depict the animal featured that year in the Chinese zodiac with 2014 being the Year of the Horse.

In October, the 2014 Australian Kangaroo Bullion Coins will make their debut. This series also dates back to 1990 and are struck from .9999 fine (24 karat) gold.

The 2014 Australian Koala Silver Bullion Coins will follow in November. Coins of this program date back to 2007 and feature compositions of .999 pure silver.

Finally, the 2014 Australian Platypus Bullion Coin is offered as the only platinum bullion coin from the Perth Mint. It is scheduled to be released in January.

Strikes of the Perth Mint bullion coin programs are typically available around the world from coin and precious metal dealers shortly following their release. The included series typically feature several different sizes offering investment options at many different price points. In addition, the strikes have also become popular with collectors.

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