2012 Year of the Dragon Gold 'Prosperity', 'Longevity' and 'Success' Three-Coin Set

Prosperity, Longevity and Success Year of the Dragon Gold Coins Issued by Perth

2012 Year of the Dragon Gold 'Prosperity', 'Longevity' and 'Success' Three-Coin SetThe Perth Mint of Australia has issued three new gold coins as part of the year long celebration of the Year of the Dragon. These new 2012 Year of the Dragon Gold Coins depict the Chinese characters of Fu, Lu and Shou on their reverse, symbolizing the concepts of Prosperity, Longevity and Success.

Each of the three coins is struck from 1/5 ounce of 99.99% pure gold. The Prosperity Gold Coin is available individually or in a two or three coin set. The Longevity Coin is included as part of the two-coin set with the Success Coin added to the other two for the three-coin set.

The Prosperity Coin features a maximum mintage of 2,000 individual coins, another 2,000 as part of the two-coin set and a final 2,000 for the three-coin set, for a total of 6,000. Each of these Prosperity strikes shows a dragon holding a pearl with the Chinese Character for Fu (or prosperity) inscribed upon it.

Shown on the reverse of the Longevity Coin is another version of the dragon this time with the Chinese character for Lu (Longevity) inscribed. The Success Coin contains yet a third dragon design only this time complete with an inscription of "Shou" for Success.

Shown on the reverse of each strike is an additional inscription indicating their weight and fineness. The actual inscription reads "1/5 oz 9999 GOLD."

All three are struck as legal tender of Tuvalu. The 1/5 oz gold coins  feature a face value of $30.

A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of England graces the obverse of all of the coins. Surrounding her are the inscriptions of "QUEEN ELIZABET II," "TUVALU" and "2012."

The single Prosperity Gold Coin is currently available directly from the Perth for AUS $725.45.

The following Perth Mint affiliate link will take you directly to the page for more details.

2012 Year of the Dragon Prosperity Gold Coin

Details on the two or three coin sets may also be found by following the link.

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