Resistance Fighters Coin Available

A coin that probably means more to the people of Austria than it does to the rest of the world has been released by the Austrian Mint . The Tyrolean Resistance Fighters coin celebrates the resistance movement that occurred in 1809 by the people of the Tyrolean valley.

Austrian Tyrolean Resistance Coin

Tyrolean Resistance Coin

These country folk took up arms to try and prevent the French forces (under Napoleon) and the Bavarian forces from taking over the region. They were loyal to the Emperor of Austria, but he had lost battles with the two superior forces of the French and the Bavarians.

The leader of this movement was Andreas Hofer, and his likeness is found on the coin honoring the uprising. To his side is an image of Giuseppina Negrelli who was placed there to symbolize the part women played.

While the story may be interesting, it is certainly regional in nature. That does not prevent the coin from being collectible, and it certainly is unique. Take a look at more information by clicking on the coin above.

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