Sarah Polk Spouse Gold Coins To Be Released

The Sarah Polk First Spouse Gold Proof and Uncirculated Coins will be officially released from the US Mint starting at Noon (Eastern) on Thursday September 3, 2009. These coins continue the series meant to celebrate the former first ladies of the United States.

Sarah Polk First Spouse Gold Coin - Proof

Sarah Polk Proof Coin

Unfortunately, this comes a day after the Mint raised prices on gold coins based on their precious metals pricing structure. The London Fix on gold went above $950 which triggered the price change. Previous to this, the price has remained the same on the available gold coins since June 17th.

The Proof First Spouse coins will sell for $654 while the uncirculated version will be $641. These prices will remain the same, at least until next week when the Mint will re-evaluate based on the price of gold then.

Up to 40,000 of these Polk coins will be produced, with that number being split between the proof and uncirculated editions. The exact ratio will be dependant upon customer demand.

Sarah was only first lady for 4 years, as her husband only served one term. This did not stop them from making an impact on America, however.

For more information the coins and Sarah, click on the image above.

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