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American Samoa Quarter Release Ceremony To Be Finally Held

Over a month after the US Mint officially released the American Samoa Quarter, which is part of the 2009 D.C. & U.S. Territories Quarter Program, they are finally going to hold a release ceremony. Sales of the quarters in bags and rolls started on July 27th, but a ceremony was not held.

This is because Governor Togiola T.A. Tulafono would have been unable to attend at the end of July since he was not on the islands. Instead, he was en route to Washington D.C. on other urgent matters.

American Samoa Quarter

Still wanting a public presentation, the Mint is going to hold a release ceremony on September 3, 2009 in Pago Pago. In attendance will be United States Mint Deputy Director Andy Brunhart as well as Governor Tulafono.

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US Mint Fall Coin Catalog Mailing Soon

The US Mint has announced that it will begin shipping its 2009 Fall Gift Catalog on August 27th, 2009. Included in the catalog are some very collectible coins that have a deeply embedded US history.

"We are proud, as always, to offer the public a wide array of products that resonate with our Nation's rich history," states US Mint Director Ed Moy.

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2009 Quarters First Day Coin Covers

The United States Mint on Tuesday reached a halfway point with three of six products launched that include 2009 quarters within First Day Coin Covers.

2009 First Day Coin Covers: DC, Puerto Rico and Guam Quarters

Each cover contains two commemorative quarters struck on the first day a new design was minted -- one from Denver and the other from Philadelphia. The quarters are housed within an attractive display card, which also has an affixed postage stamp with a postmark denoting the date a quarter design was released into circulation. A coin cover is limited to 25,000 and is listed for a price of $14.95. Continue reading

American Samoa Quarters Sets Available Soon

Beginning July 27, 2009, those interested in the the new American Samoa Quarter will be able to order specially packaged coins from the US Mint. These American Samoa Quarters are part of the 2009 D.C. & US Territories Quarters series released throughout this year.

American Samoa Quarter

The Mint will be offering the quarters in three options; A 1,000 coin canvas bag for $309.95, a 100 coin bag for $32.95, or a two-roll set also for $32.95. The standard Mint shipping charge of $4.95 applies, however the 1,000 coin bag has an additional surcharge of $7.95 per unit due to its weight and size.

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D.C. & US Territories Quarters

World Mint Coins has recently updated its pages on the 2009 D.C. & US Territories Quarters program. These coins are a continuation of the successful State Quarter program that ended in 2008 from the US Mint.

2009 D.C. & US Territories Quarters

District of Columbia Quarter

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Quarter
Guam Quarter
American Samoa Quarter
U.S. Virgin Islands Quarter
Northern Mariana Islands

The D.C. and Puerto Rico quarter have already been released this year, and the Guam Quarter is set to come out on May 26. The American Samoa, US Virgin Islands and Northern Marian Islands quarters will follow later on this year. Continue reading