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Weekly Sales Figures Show Buffalo Proofs Are HOT!

The 24-karat 2009 Proof Buffalos have proved to be extremely popular since their release on October 29. US Mint sales figures show 19,468 one ounce proofs sold in the first few days, which is quite amazing when you compare it to the fact that only 19,591 were sold in all of last year for the 2008 versions.

Of course, last year the Mint offered fractional sizes of the Proof Buffalos as well as a four coin collector set. They were discontinued after a review of product offerings by the Mint. Still, with a price tag of $1,360, those who purchased fractional Buffalos last year did not necessarily upgrade to the one ounce size this year.

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Gold Proof Buffalos Launched On Thursday

The US Mint launched the 2009 American Buffalo Gold Proof One Ounce coins on Thursday with little hassle to the buying public. Previous to the launch, many had wondered if they would experience ordering issues similar to the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles launch recently.

Other than things moving rather slowly for the initial few hours, both online and the phone ordering systems seemed to work adequately. Of course, demand for the coins is probably not at the frenzied level that it was for the Lincoln Chronicles.

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