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2008-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagles Sell Out in 2010

American Eagle Silver Bullion CoinThe United States Mint is no longer selling 2008-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagles. While standalone eagles sold out over a year ago (on Jan. 23, 2009), collectors could still purchase them from the US Mint through the 2008 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Set.

But no longer. The uncirculated set sold out on Thursday after being available for nearly 18 months. They were released on August 7, 2008, for a price of $37.95.

One may wonder why they were on sale for so long. In order to focus on the unprecedented bullion coin demand in 2009, the Mint canceled collector proof and uncirculated 2009-dated eagles, as well as the 2009 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Set. With no replacement last year, the Mint simply kept the 2008s on their store shelves. Continue reading

2010 Silver Eagle Sales Top 2.4 Million in Two Days

American Eagle Silver Bullion CoinThe United States Mint sold 2.48 million 2010 American Silver Eagle bullion coins within two days of their Jan. 19 launch, representing more than 8.6% of the total sold as compared to the record-breaking sales in 2009.

Why was there such a significant surge? Eagle demand had built up as a result of their delayed release. Newly dated issues are normally available at the very beginning on January. However, the US Mint decided to continue striking 2009-dated eagles late into last year as a result of high demand, and then sell that inventory until depleted. Their supply was exhausted on Jan 12, which meant buyers had to wait almost an entire week for the 2010-dated silver coins.

Those circumstances along with the desire to own and sell the new issues helped spur demand. Rising silver prices was also a factor. Continue reading

American Eagle Silver Bullion Smash Record Before Sell-Out

Silver prices averaged over $14.50 an ounce for 2009, but this did not stop investors from buying up a record number of 2009 American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins from the US Mint before they were placed on sell-out status by the Mint on January 12, 2010.

According to the latest figures released by the Mint, an astonishing 28,766,500 of the one ounce coins were purchased last year, an increase of 9,183,000 over the amount sold in 2008, which itself was an annual record since the coins were first introduced in 1986. Before this time sales were typically below 10 million a year with only two exceptions, 2002 and 2006, both of which only barely made it above that mark.

Investor demand has been high for all precious metals but what makes the 2009 record even more amazing is the fact that the Mint could not keep up with demand. From January 1, 2009 through June 15, 2009, the Mint had sales of the Eagle Bullion on an allocation program limiting what authorized purchasers could order. Add to that the complete sales suspension of the Eagles for nearly two weeks in late November to early December, and sales over 30 million would have been extremely likely. Continue reading

US Mint Gold 2009 Buffalo Bullion Coin Sells Out

American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin2009 American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin sales have ended, the US Mint announced on Friday. While the collector or numismatic proof versions are still available -- only the Mint knows for how long -- the inventory of bullion coins is gone, and no more will be produced this year.

"The United States Mint has depleted its inventory of 2009 American Buffalo One Ounce Gold Bullion Coins," said U.S. Mint Director of Public Affairs Tom Jurkowsky to authorized purchasers. "No additional inventory will be made available. As additional information becomes available regarding 2010-dated American Buffalo One Once Gold Bullion Coins, you will be notified."

Unlike coins struck specifically for coin collectors, the US Mint does not sell bullion coins to the public. They are instead offered to Authorized Purchasers who then resell to coin dealers, precious metal providers, and/or directly to the public. (See information on the collector minted 2009 Gold Buffalo Proof Coin.)

The bullion Buffalos first went on sale Thursday, Oct. 15, 2009. By the following Monday, 71,500 had sold, which was nearly 42 percent of the total sold in all of 2008. Despite their late release, by December the 2009 tally broke both the 2008 and 2007 totals. Continue reading

US Mint Bullion Coin Sales: 2009 Buffalo Gold at 145,500

US Mint bullion gold coin sales have been on a run of sorts, following record-setting gold prices -- the yellow metal reached its latest all-time high of $1,153.40 an ounce on Tuesday.

American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin
American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin


The US Mint sold 13,500 of their 2009 American Buffalo Gold bullion coins to authorized dealers during the last seven days. 11,000 went the week prior. With the latest addition, their November total now stands at 29,000 and the year-to-date figure is at 145,500. And the year has been short for the coins, as the 2009 Buffalos were only released Oct. 15. At the current pace, they will surpass the 2008 sales of 172,000 in two weeks. Continue reading