Third Lincoln Cent Launched Recently

The new 2009 Lincoln Professional Life cent was launched Thursday in Springfield, Illinois. At a ceremony on the grounds of the Old State Capitol Building (which is actually featured on the obverse of the new coin along with Lincoln), US Mint Director Ed Moy and US Senator Dick Durbin participated in introducing the new design to the public.

Abraham Lincoln spent most of his adult life in Springfield. It was here he became a self-taught lawyer and where he actually served in the Illinois General Assembly which convened inside the Old Capitol.

Lincoln Cent Professional Life


The historic building also was the location where Lincoln made his now famous 'House Divided' speech, and where his body laid in state before burial after he was assassinated.

The third design follows the Birthplace in Kentucky coin and the Formative
Years in Indiana coin, both which were released earlier this year.  The
Presidency in Washington D.C. coin will be available later in 2009.

For more information on the new design, click on the coin image above!

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