US Mint Coin Sales to May 2009

2009 Ultra High Relief Gold CoinThe tallies for US Mint coin sales up through May 2009 are in, and there are some interesting figures to report.

Several of the bullion and collector coins were propped up by the late run of gold prices in May, so lets start with a few number there.

2009 Bullion Coin Sales
Gold Eagle Bullion Coin 554,500
Silver Eagle Bullion Coin 11,579,500


Gold eagles had their 5th best May since the series began in 1986. The month was also marked as the first in many where the US Mint's authorized dealers failed to order their entire allotted supply. As a result, at times the Mint had remaining inventory on hand.

The 2009 Ultra High Relief Gold Coin moved ahead nicely in the last week of May with sales about double their normal level.

Ultra High Relief Gold Coin 64,851


Seven of the eight available US Mint sold First Spouse Gold coins enjoyed a final May week of higher sales. Here are the totals for coins sold:

First Spouse Gold Coin Sales
  Proof Uncirculated
Anna Harrison 4,443 2,173
Van Buren's Liberty 5,964 3,312
Jackson's Liberty 7,207 4,163
Louisa Adams 6,842 4,160


Because it has been so difficult to find 2009 Lincoln Cents in circulation, the US Mint this year has offered the new pennies in two-roll sets. Rolls of the first redesigned penny have already sold out. The Mint released the second cent on May 14. Here are the two-roll set totals for both coins:

2009 Lincoln Cents
Lincoln Log Cabin/Birthplace 96,000
Lincoln Rail Splitter/Formative Years 237,365


While the 2009 Lincoln proof and uncirculated silver dollars have sold out, the Louis Braille dollars are still available. Sales figures to date follow"

2009 Louis Braille Commemorative Coin Sales
Proof Braille Dollar 107,525
Uncirculated Braille Dollar 41,795
Uncirculated (Easy-Open Capsule) 19,244


The 2009 quarters silver proof set had a great May, and especially for the last week of the month. The 2009 US Annual Mint Proof Set Launched on Monday, June 1. The excitement of the release more than likely had collectors looking more closely at the already available silver quarter proof set.

Here are the total sales for the quarter proof set so far:

DC & US Territories Quarters Silver Proof Set 163,703


And finally, bags and rolls of Guam Quarters were released by the Mint on May 26. Here are the totals though to the end of May for those:

Guam Quarter Sales Figures

  May 26-31 Total
100-coin bag (Philadelphia) 4,588 8,512
100-coin bag (Denver) 3,924
1000-coin bag (Philadelphia) 1,354 2,627
1000-coin bag (Denver) 1,273
Two-roll Set 15,701 15,701


We will not always list the monthly figures for several of the leading US Mint products here, as sister sites to World Mint Coins reports on the latest figures weekly. For an always updated reference, check out Coin Sales Figures.

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