US Mint Coin Sales to June 2009

American Eagle Gold Bullion CoinThe US Mint has released the latest coin sales through to June. The tables below show several of the popular coins and sets with their total performance results as of July 5.

Demand for 1 oz silver and gold bullion coins are exceptionally high this year, so we will start with those numbers:

2009 Bullion Coin Sales
Gold Eagle Coins 670,500
Silver Eagle Coins 13,824,500


2.2M Silver Eagle Bullion Coins were sold in June alone, making it the third best month of the year for the eagles. The coins are on an annualized pace to shatter last year's record of more than 20.5 million sold. The gold eagles are looking to have one of their best years as well. 2009 could potentially rank anywhere from 1-3 in terms of best year. And that goes back to the start of the series in 1986.

For another perspective on the series, also read the CoinNews article Gold, Silver Eagle Bullion Sales Surge in June.

The 2009 Ultra High Relief Gold Coin experienced a couple of sharper weeks in June, but the coins of late have been mostly moving ahead in weekly bunches of 700s.

Ultra High Relief Gold Coin 68,886


June was a mostly lackadaisical month for First Spouse Coins. The US Mint launched the Letitia Tyler First Spouse Coin on Thursday, July 2. We've included the first four days of sales numbers even though they are not representative of collector action in June. On the same day, the Mint pulled the oldest 2008-dated Louisa Adams coins from their store shelves.

First Spouse Gold Coin Sales
  Proof Uncirculated
Letitia Tyler 1,853 1,020
Anna Harrison 4,919 2,401
Van Buren's Liberty 6,187 3,443
Jackson's Liberty 7,454 4,281
Louisa Adams 7,454 4,223


Because it has been so difficult to find 2009 Lincoln Cents in circulation, the US Mint this year has offered the new pennies in two-roll sets. Rolls of the first redesigned penny have already sold out. The Mint issued the second cent on May 14 and have kept those sales open as of this writing. Here are the two-roll set totals for both coins:

2009 Lincoln Cents
Lincoln Birthplace 96,000
Lincoln Formative Years 281,335


Unlike the 2009 Lincoln proof and uncirculated silver dollars which have already sold out, the Louis Braille dollars are still available. Sales were high during the inaugural launch weeks, but have since tapered down.

2009 Louis Braille Commemorative Silver Coin Sales
Braille Silver Dollar Proof 113,400
Braille Silver Dollar Uncirculated 42,703
Uncirculated (Easy-Open Capsule) 18,262


The 2009 quarters silver proof sets were on fire in May and had a superb June. 2009 US Mint Proof Sets have been even hotter, selling more even though they have only been available since June 1. Here are their totals:

DC & US Territories Quarters Silver Proof Set 503,997


2009 United States Mint Proof Set 785,821


Finally, bags and rolls of Guam Quarters were released by the US Mint on May 26. They have had several outstanding sales week. The numbers have also slowed of late, however, but that is normal following several weeks of availability.

Guam Quarter Sales Figures

100-coin bag (Philadelphia) 12,375 24,011
100-coin bag (Denver) 11,636
1000-coin bag (Philadelphia) 1,460 2,851
1000-coin bag (Denver) 1,391
Two-roll Set 35,280 35,280


We will not always list the monthly figures for several of the leading US Mint products here, as sister sites to World Mint Coins reports on the latest figures weekly. For an always updated reference, check out Coin Sales Figures.

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