2012 Kennedy Half Dollar (US Mint images)

US Mint Indicates Pricing Cuts Including 2012 Kennedy Two-Roll Sets

2012 Kennedy Half Dollar (US Mint images)

Earlier this month, the United States Mint indicated the anticipated pricing for several numismatic products yet to be issued this year. Among those products are bags of the Kennedy Half Dollars, rolls of the Kennedy Half Dollars, large bronze medals, small bronze medals and the First Spouse Bronze Medal Set.

In keeping with other recent US Mint activity, the pricing for most of these annual products has declined from past years. This will be welcome news for those collectors interested in adding one of the affected products to their collection.

Of the price points announced in the Federal Register notice, the only product to see a price increase is the Kennedy Half-Dollar 200-Coin Bags. These bags contain 200-circulation quality John F. Kennedy Half Dollars with half of those in the bag struck at the US Mint's facility in Philadelphia and half struck at the US Mint's facility in Denver.

The 2011 version of the Kennedy Coin Bags were sold for $134.95. According to the Mint, the 2012 bags will be offered for $5 more at $139.95.

Two-Roll Sets of the Kennedy Half Dollars will see a price decrease, however. This product contains one roll of 20 circulation quality Kennedy Half Dollars from the Philadelphia facility and 20 circulation quality Kennedy Half Dollars from the Denver facility - for a total of 40 coins with a total face value of $20.

Last year's Kennedy Half Dollar Two-Roll Sets were sold for $34.95. The 2012 Two-Roll Set will be sold for $2 less at $32.95. The Mint's product release schedule indicates that both the bags and rolls of Kennedy Half Dollars will be made available on May 15, 2012.

Large and small bronze medals issued by the Mint are in for a price decrease as well. Previous releases saw the large bronze medals go for $44.95 and the small for $7.95. These prices will go down to $39.95 and $6.95, respectively.

Finally, the First Spouse Bronze Medal Set to be issued this year with bronze versions of the 2012 First Spouse Gold Coins will see a $3 price decrease from previous releases. The US Mint plans to offer this set now for $16.95.

Known release dates for other upcoming US Mint products are available in this recent post. As with all US Mint product prices and release dates, they are subject to change.

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