US Mint Releases 2010 United States Mint Proof Set®

US Mint 2010 Proof SetLaunched last week on July 22 was the  2010 United States Mint Proof Set®.

This set includes a total of fourteen coins representing the circulating coinage from the US Mint for the year, but these coins are struck to proof quality at the mint's facility in San Francisco.  As such, each coin carries the appropriate 'S' mintmark.

Proof Sets have proven to be extremely popular with collectors in the past.  Typically, more of these sets are sold each year by the Mint than any other set offered. According to unaudited figures from the Mint for last year, 1,477,967 of the 2009 version of the set were ordered.

While that number is impressive, it is nothing compared to the number of sets ordered in some of the previous years.  Going back as recently as 2006, over 2 million of that year's dated sets were ordered.  In 2000, an amazing 3,082,572 sets were sold by the Mint.

Still, these sets are sure to be a big hit with collectors.  Included inside is a total of fourteen coins, all struck to proof quality so that they feature mirror-like backgrounds and enhanced detail.

The fourteen coins are encased in three different protective lenses allowing the holder to view both the obverse (heads side) and reverse (tails side) of each coin.

Included in the set are:

  • (4) 2010-S Presidential $1 Coins (Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan, and Lincoln)
  • (1) 2010-S Native American $1 Coin
  • (1) 2010-S Kennedy half-dollar
  • (1) 2010-S Roosevelt dime
  • (1) 2010-S Jefferson nickel
  • (1) 2010-S Lincoln cent
  • (5) 2010-S America the Beautiful Quarters

Of note, a majority of the coins in the set represent versions of coins  never before seen in a previous Proof Set.  Only the Kennedy Half Dollar, the Roosevelt Dime and the Jefferson Nickel contain designs already present on a strike of a previous year.

The four Presidential Dollars (Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan, and Lincoln) are new and unique to this year as are the five  America the Beautiful Quarters™ (Hot Springs National Park Quarter, Yellowstone National Park Quarter, Yosemite National Park Quarter, Grand Canyon National Park Quarter and Mount Hood National Forest Quarter) and the Native American Dollar. The Lincoln Cent features a new design as well, but the cent is slated to use this design for the foreseeable future.

Orders for the Proof Set may be placed at the Mint's website of or via their toll-free number of 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

Additional information on the specific coins included in the set may be found via World Mint Coins 2010 US Coins page.

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  1. Hi, I do digital work for the US Mint and if you are interested in the America the Beautiful quarters, the Grand Canyon National Park Quarter event is Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at Grand Canyon National Park at 1:30 p.m. (MST). All are invited to gather between Hopi House and Verkamp’s Visitor Center where the launch will take place. Following the ceremony, you can exchange your cash for $10 rolls of the Grand Canyon National Park quarter. If you can’t make it to the event, you can check out the live webcast at The webcast starts at 1:25 (MST), 4:25 (EDT).

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